November 2006

Joe Kiniry is giving the "safety" keynote talk at ISOLA 2006. The title of the talk is Program Safety via Programmer Safety.

Joe Kiniry is on the Program Committee of TOPMoDelS 2007.

October 2006

Joe Kiniry is an invited speaker at the ESF workshop "Challenges of Java Program Verification."

Joe Kiniry is on the Program Committee of OSS 2007.

Joe Kiniry is on the Program Committee of ICTAC 2007.

ESC/Java 2.0b0 has been released! This is the eleventh release of ESC/Java2 and its first beta release.

September 2006

The paper "The KOA Remote Voting System: A Summary of Work To Date" has been accepted to the Symposium on Trustworthy Global Computing (TGC) 2006.

The paper "Soundness and Completeness Warnings in ESC/Java2" has been accepted to the Workshop on Specification and Verification in Component-Based System (SAVCBS) 2006. The final version of the paper will be available once it is complete.

August 2006

Joe Kiniry has been traveling to conferences and visiting collaborators during the month of August. In particular, he was an invited speaker at Automated Formal Methods (AFM) and he attended VSTTE 2006, both workshops at FLoC in Seattle, WA, and he visited collaborators and colleagues at SRI in Palo Alto, CA and Caltech in Pasadena, CA.

Several new students projects have been added to our proposals web including new UCD final year projects in verification, electronic voting, and specification.

June 2006

The paper "Exceptions in Java and Eiffel: Two Extremes in Exception Design and Application" by Joe Kiniry has been published in C. Dony et al. (Eds.): Exception Handling, LNCS 4119, pp. 288-300, 2006.

May 2006

The paper "Beyond Assertions: Advanced Specification and Verification with JML and ESC/Java2" by Patrice Chalin, Joe Kiniry, Gary T. Leavens, and Erik Poll has been published in the Proceedings of Formal Methods for Components and Object (FMCO) 2005. Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2006.

Joe Kiniry is on the Program Committee of SAVCBS 2006, a workshop at ACM SIGSOFT 2006/FSE-14 in November, 2006.

April 2006

A new paper: "The KOA Remote Voting System: A Summary of Work To-Date", submitted to EVT06.

Radu Grigore and Joe Kiniry ran the 2006 UCD CSI Programming Contest. We hope to make this (at least) an annual event.