December 2009

Joe Kiniry is on the Program Committee of CBSE 2010 and PMMPS 2010.

November 2009

Joe Kiniry has accepted an Associate Professor position at IT University of Copenhagen (ITU). Thus, the KindSoftware group is moving in January, 2010 to Copenhagen.

October 2009

A paper How to Complete an Interactive Configuration Process? by Mikoláš Janota, Goetz Botterweck, Radu Grigore, and Joao Marques-Silva was accepted to SOFSEM'10.

August 2009

Eight new MSc students have joined the group.

Joe Kiniry is on the Program Committee of ICECCS 2010.

A paper, "A Verification-centric Software Development Process for Java," by Joseph Kiniry and Daniel Zimmerman is being presented by Dan in Korea.

July 2009

Mikoláš Janota presented the command line processing library CLOPS at the IFIP Working Conference on Domain Specific Languages (DSL WC), see also the conference blog.

June 2009

Mikoláš Janota was invited to give a talk at a Czecho-Slovakian conference on current trends in theoretical computer science and wrote a blogpost about it.

May 2009

Joe Kiniry is on the Program Committee of VSTTE 2010, RE-VOTE 2009, and SAVCBS 2009.

Joe Kiniry was invited to participate in four Schloss Dagstuhl seminars this year, and is co-running one of his own.

March 2009

The paper CLOPS: A DSL for Command Line Options, written by the whole UCD gang, was accepted to DSL WC.

February 2009

Joe Kiniry was invited to participate in the Schloss Dagstuhl seminar "Typing, Analysis and Verification of Heap-Manipulating Programs," but as he is running a Dagstuhl seminar on the Java Modeling Language the week before, we decided it was a better idea for Radu Grigore to attend.