Secret Ninja Formal Methods

Joe Kiniry and Dan Zimmerman gave the following talk entitled Secret Ninja Formal Methods at Formal Methods 2008. This talk was given by both Joe and Dan in tandem in full ninja uniforms. The audience enthusiastically received this (humorous) talk and more photos and videos will be available here soon.

        Ninja Formal Methods slides, FM 2008 Abstract: The use of formal methods can significantly improve software quality. However, many instructors and students consider formal methods to be too difficult, impractical, and esoteric for use in undergraduate classes. This paper describes a method, used successfully at several universities, that combines ninja stealth with the latest advances in formal methods tools and technologies to integrate applied formal methods into software engineering courses.

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Joe in Ninja gear Joe Kiniry (aka "Ninja Rei", aka "Ninja Zero")
Joe and Dan in Ninja gear Joe Kiniry (aka "Ninja Rei", aka "Ninja Zero") and Dan Zimmerman (aka "Ninja Ichi", aka "Ninja One")

Note that we entered the auditorium and started our talk with full ninja head-coverings; only our eyes were showing!